3PL/4PL services

MOBI FREIGHT – international and interior Russia freight forwarding and goods’ carriages from 50 kgs, thermolabile carriages – from 1kgs., under the regime “Cold-Chain” +2+8, “High-Valuable” goods’ carriages, warehouses services: safekeeping/cross-docking/fulfillment (under “e-commerce”), own regular groupage carriages (LTL) and FTL, rail road transportation and by air within Russia and Eurasian Customs Union.

  • “High-Valuable” goods’ carriages – 3PL/4PL services with granting “VAT-services”:
    • goods insurance;
    • armed escort for the goods;
    • loading/unloading of the goods & rigging services at any place of Russia;
    • “POD” documents’ reverting;
    • GPS-goods’ monitoring in transit;
    • “Fullfilment” services.
  • Cold-Chain Logistics +2+8 – thermolabile goods’ carriages (goods are sensitive to temperature) by road (regime “Cold Chain/CC with confirmation the been kept temperature within all transit time) and by air (48 hours).
  • “Free” warehouse’s services: safekeeping/cross-docking/fulfillment (under “e-commerce”)

Carriages interior Russia + Eurasian Customs Union by any transport’s kind without geographical limitation (“door-to-door”) FTL/LTL/FCL rail/LCL rail:

  • Own groupage (LTL) carriages by road/more 80 cities within Russia;
  • Carriages (FTL) by road (incl.ADR);
  • Air carriages;
  • Carriages by rail;
  • Intermodal transportations;
  • Rigging services for equipment’s deliveries, including medical ones;
  • Granting special loading/unloading, lifting and other special equipment;
  • Addresses’ deliveries + “cash in” for “e-commerce”.

International transportations

  • FTL carriages (incl. frigo – 18);
  • LTL by road;
  • FCL/LCL intermodal;
  • Safekeeping/cross-docking/preparation for shipments in EU;
  • Arranging EX-1/T-1;
  • Goods insurance;
  • Armed escort for the goods;
  • Logistics/customs consulting;
  • Arranging and fulfillments (logistic/transport/warehouse operator/insurance/customs brokers) companies’s tenders:
    • “e-express” tender;
    • base tender;
    • deeper one.
  • “E”-Logistics Outsourcing Back Office (ELOBO).


  • The One-Channel logistics provider 3PL/4PL;
  • Unlimited Net coverage both in Russia and abroad;
  • Own regular groupage (LTL) carriages by road within Russia and Eurasian Customs Union;
  • Adequate rates for services. 
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